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Few people know of the existence of such a beautiful country like Andorra tours which are consistently rapid growing demand of travelers from around the globe.

 However, it is worth to visit here at least once, and you want to come back here again and again. Holidays Andorra - a huge number of memorable and vivid experiences that await every traveler, who arrived in person to see this beautiful tiny country in the Pyrenees mountains. Andorra things to do - it is truly generous and rich diversity various options for your own holiday pastime that you are sure to be remembered for years to come. This year be sure by doing thousands and thousands of tourists from around the world, including from the Ukrainy.gornolyzhnik - everyone can find this track to your taste!

Andorra - amazing, really a fantastic country. Those who found the "golden key" and once opened it for yourself, be sure to come back here again. And would not exchange this little charming principality has to any other resorts. 

Tours in Andorra are characterized by a slow but steadily growing demand among our countrymen, for the simple reason that there really is something to see: snow-white peaks the Pyrenees, numerous ski resorts, a developed tourist infrastructure - all together attracts a huge number of guests tiny principality. Holidays Andorra - this is an excellent and in all respects an original and unique version of a vacation away from everyday problems and concerns that invariably occupy our thoughts every single day

Andorra - a ski paradise for everyone, including fans hely-ski, which will deliver the helicopters on the highest peaks, where there are no marked trails, and the solid "nepahannaya" virgin. The Principality of Andorra - a perfect place for both the extreme, and for a family holiday. Andorra tours allow you to fully enjoy the stunning beauty of these places, which are unlikely anyone could remain indifferent.

Geography of Andorra is located in southwestern Europe, on the eastern slopes of the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain. On the north-east to south-west of the river crosses the country Valeera. The highest point - Coma Pedrossa in the north-west (2942 m). The territory of Andorra is 468 sq. km. miles. The capital - Andorra la Vella. Time lags behind from Moscow at 2:00.

Despite its geographical location in Europe, tours to Andorra are still rather unusual choice of location for your vacation. And yet, every year thousands of tourists come here, as well as s European countries and from countries in other continents of the globe. If you also want to discover the amazing and unique tiny principality, conveniently located in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain, Andorra tours of the company's Travel Professional Group can help you implement all ideas into reality! In addition, it should be noted that our prices offered guided tours of the principality is sure to pleasantly surprise you to its accessibility and democratic.

In the early days of skiing in Andorra and the infrastructure was five ski stations of Pal, Arinsal, Soldeu - El Tarter, Ordino - Arcalis, Pas de la Casa - Grau Roig. After a wave of associations, swept over the past two years, in Andorra, in fact, has two stations: Grandvalira, which includes the station Soldeu - El Tarter and Pas de la Casa - Grau Roig and VALLNORD, which included the Pal - Arinsal and Ordino - Arcalis. Grandvalira has a unified system of lifts, while VALLNORD has a common ski pass, but two of the stations - Pal - Arinsal and Ordino - Arcalis - not physically together.

If you want to see and experience as much as possible to drive at all stations of Andorra, we suggest you use a special general ski-pass "Super Ski-pass". Route, the total length of 281 km of various difficulty, satisfy the needs of skiers of all levels, and 105 ski lifts are able to deliver on the top of 142 245 persons per hour. Experts acknowledge that the Pyrenean slopes are not inferior and even superior to the preparation of the famous Alpine downhill .. However, in Andorra, you can not just ride on skis. There is an ice palace Palau de Gel in Canillo, where the skate, sports complexes with indoor pool, a hallmark of sports and entertainment complex in Ordino, of course, is the bowling alley.


Tourism: Andorra - an ideal place for tourism and recreation, because here are the sunniest ski resorts in Europe. Ski season begins in December and lasts until mid-April. At night, temperatures below zero at night and rises up to +10 C, snow depth ranges from 50 to 300 cm And the most amazing feature of the Andorran winter - snow in the mountains and the flowers are always constant at the bottom, in the city. Tremendous popularity enjoyed five ski resorts connected by one transport system: Pal (Pal), Arinsal (Arinsal), Soldeu el Tarter (Soldeu / El Tarter), Ordino (Ordino), Pas de la Casa and Grau Rouge (Pas de la Casa / Grau Roig). Trails - 235 miles for every taste and various difficulty, 95 lifts, able to deliver on top of 75,000 people per hour. In the southern part of Andorra is the station and cross-country skiers - La Rabassa. At length - 1 to 3 miles - all tracks can be attributed to the middle, but they are so well maintained that it is claimed to be the best in the world.

At each station must have a school where professional instructors, including Russian, will teach you to ski or snowboard, and parents can identify kids at ski school for children and quietly go on the road. Rentals of ski equipment, sporting goods stores, luggage, medical centers, restaurants and bars, a shop - all at your service Andorran stations.

Since 2000, these two stations have a total area of ??rolling Riu de Solanelles, Riu del Cubil and Solanelles, but despite this, the ski-pass, each had its own station. Now, wanting to provide an incomparable space for riding and a wide variety of services, and 2 are combined with the emergence of a single ski pass.

Now, this area has become one of the largest in Europe with a total length of highways - 192 km and 63 lifts. It will operate a single ski pass, which costs only 18 euros more expensive than a single ski pass for 6 days in Soldeu - 168 and 150 euros respectively.

Tours in Andorra from year to year has always enjoyed a rapidly growing demand for those travelers who are fed up with traveling to "pop" places, stories of which you are unlikely to be able to surprise anyone. Whether it breaks Andorra! By choosing to host your holiday is a small area of ??the principality its territory, you will not regret it - here was striking in its beauty of nature. And besides, it is unlikely that any of your friends, acquaintances or co-workers felt the what Andora Tours.