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Tunisia is the country next in popularity among the rest of our tourists, after Egypt and Turkey, and with each passing day the popularity of recreation is increasing. Tourists are attracted by sandy beaches, wonderful climate, warm sea and hot sun, good standard of hotels and service. 

Tunisia - one of the most "European" among Islamic countries - affects what Tunisia has long been a French colony. Another "chip" is a Tunisian thalassotherapy - a set of health and omoloazhivayuschih treatments using warm sea water, seaweed and sea mud. Thalassotherapy in Tunisia at the level of French or Italian, but it is several times cheaper.

 Holidays in Tunisia suitable as a quiet beach holiday lovers and lovers of disco, and even go here for the healing and rejuvenating thalassotherapy centers:
 - Beaches in Tunis and the white sand, the sea is warm and clean. Sometimes after a storm washes to shore algae, but literally within one or two days of sea and beaches clean.

 - Fans of discos and clubs will satisfy the many discos and nightclubs. The most fun is the resort of Sousse, especially the part of the Port El Kantaoui - a newly built resort with a large artificial harbor and marina for yachts, are placed around the restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and discos, followed Hammamet, Monastir as resorts and Mahdia more suitable for those who like a quiet beach holiday.

 - Thalassotherapy centers are located separately in the major resort towns and a large 4 * -5 * hotels.
 - Excursion in Tunisia is a very interesting and rich - which is only visiting the ancient city of Carthage, walks on yachts along the coast and on camels in the desert.

 The beach season in Tunisia is from May to November, winter in Tunisia warm and rainy, the summer is not very hot (28-35 degrees) and dry. Water in the Mediterranean Sea is already warming up to the end of May to 20 degrees, in August - up to 27-28.

 In Tunisia, represented by the world's largest chain of hotels but this is quite a lot of very good 3 * and 4 * "local" hotels. In general, higher than the level of hotels in Turkey and Egypt, and is located almost at the European level. Service at the hotel, although the oriental slow, but quite good and does not usually cause complaints from tourists.

 From Tunisia driven traditional "Arab" souvenirs - hookah, oriental sweets and carpets and clean the Tunisian exclusive souvenirs - "sandy Rose" (crystalline fossil formation, resembling a flower), traditional Berber pottery and silver jewelry.

 As in all Arab countries when buying souvenirs (especially hookahs and rugs) have to be careful that you do not sell "souvenir" or Chinese hookahs carpets under the guise of this.
 As elsewhere in the East, Tunisia, and can be traded. In some cases, the price can be reduced by several times.

 Be sure to have to tip in taxis, cafes, restaurants and hotel attendants. In the cafes, restaurants and taxis usually leave a tip of 10% of the account. In hotels

 Along the coast ride shuttle vans, fare is about 0.5TND person. As in the minibus and taxi in the usual recommended to negotiate on the price of a trip in advance to avoid potential conflicts.
 The cost of renting a car in Tunisia than in Egypt or Turkey, but lower than in Europe. Plus, as in any other Arab country to trade in Tunisia.

 Carthage - an ancient city-state, which has long been a cultural and political capital of the whole of North Africa. Walk along the coast on a yacht or a "pirate schooner." Folklore evening. Walk on camel or jeep in the desert. Eastern city of Medina.

Thalassotherapy - a set of therapeutic and restorative procedures based on seaweed, hot sea water and sea mud. Thalassotherapy gives vitality, energy, relieves stress and fatigue, helps with joint pain, rheumatism and arthrosis.

 For thalassotherapy water no closer than 450 m is obtained from the coast and at a depth of not less than 6 meters in recent years thalassotherapy has become very popular among Europeans. In Tunisia, the quality of services is at the center thalassotherapy in France and Italy, and the prices are lower by several times.
 Thalassotherapy centers are usually located in the major 4 * and 5 * hotels.