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Montenegro - located on the Balkan peninsula, the southernmost part of the Adriatic. The country, consisting of national parks and reserves, dozens of lakes and rivers. In Montenegro, about 3 thousand plant species. Wonderful holiday Montenegro, which is rightly called the European National Park, invites all lovers of natural beauty.

Surrounded by clear waters, fringed with white stone and bathed in Mediterranean sunshine, without which it is impossible to imagine a holiday, Montenegro is one of the last oases of the Old Continent, where you can still escape from the frantic pace of civilization and the rest to the sound of waves and the intoxicating scents of nature.

Montenegro - a picturesque coast, the total length of 290 kilometers. On this coast 73 km of small bays, each of which has its own private beach, calm and comfortable. Replace each other wide and narrow beaches, and many kilometers of tiny, rocky, pebbly, sandy.

Montenegro - it's sandy beaches, covering 56 km of coastline, which is the highlight of Montenegro, which distinguishes it from a range of countries, nestled on the shores of the Adriatic. Only the "Big Beach" in the south is famous for its mild curative sand. He was described as "13 kilometers health!" Doctors recommend air baths on the sand dunes. 26 minerals found in the sands that can help in the treatment of muscular and skeletal system. These are not empty words! On the benefits of a healthy holiday, Montenegro and its unique beaches, many written articles.

Montenegrin pebbly beaches are not only useful, but amazingly beautiful! In 1936 Becici beach resort was awarded for the most beautiful European beach. Amazing beaches Mogren, Jaz, Zhanits, Fractional pesak, Queen's Beach. Their beauty proves once again that there is no country in Europe, ready to compete with the richness of the nature of Montenegro and the beauty of the beaches.
Montenegro in 1991 was declared ecologically clean area, and several years later - the European Natural Park. Here is the deepest in Europe and the second deepest in the world after Colorado (USA), the Tara River canyon. In some places it reaches a depth of 1.5 km. He formed the bed of the purest European river Tara, under protection of UNESCO. Fabulous canyon attracts extreme sports fans an exciting rafting.

If you enjoy the cognitive holidays, Montenegro has to offer a variety of sightseeing tours. The country is rich in many monasteries, medieval monuments, Christian relics.
In Montenegro, every piece of land witness to centuries of history, replete with interesting events and destinies are intertwined as suddenly as it faces the Adriatic Sea from the mountains to the Bay of Kotor, and playful, as in the sea runs the island of St. Stephen, as mysteriously as huddles among the peaks of Durmitor Black Lake .

Here awaits you a warm sea, pebbly and sandy beaches, lush vegetation, majestic mountains, gentle sunshine, comfortable hotel or villa - Montenegro has always been famous for their hospitality.
Once, visiting Montenegro - you'll never forget it and want to come back again!

The territory of Montenegro: 13,812 sq km
Capital: g.Podgoritsa, the administrative center.
Climate: Mediterranean.
The average temperature in the summer - +27 C.
Number of hours of sunshine a year - from 2300 (Herceg Novi) to 2700 (Ulcinj).
The swimming season begins in April and lasts until November. The sea temperature for 7 mecyatsev varies from +20 C to +26 C.
The transparency of sea water - 38-55 meters in depth.
Religion - Montenegrins and Serbs are Eastern Orthodox, the Albanians - Islam.
Population - Montenegrins and Serbs, Nat. minorities - Albanians.

Official language - Serbian. Serbian language is easy to understand for Ukrainian tourists, as there are many similar words. Writing - Cyrillic and Latin. Many hotels service information is duplicated in Russian. Hospitality - a special feature of the Montenegrins.
Visa regime: for citizens of Ukraine visa-free travel to Montenegro. For entry into the country requires the original tourist voucher and a valid passport, expiration date which shall be not earlier than the date of completion of travel. It also does not require a visa: citizens of Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. For the rest of citizen a visa is required, but its design only if the residence permit in Ukraine

Customs: permitted to import and export any quantity of the declared currency.
Currency: the euro.
Tipping: In hotels, bars, taxis, tipping at a rate of 10-15% of the cost of service.
Shopping: Shops are open daily from 6:00 to 20:00. In the tourist centers - 23:00. Some shops are open on Sundays. Everywhere there are shops, working around the clock. From souvenirs worth buying homespun cloth of great beauty with a national figure.

Kitchen: is divided into three areas: Montenegrin, fish and Italian. Montenegrin wine, though little known in international markets, but it is quite noteworthy. "Business card" of the local wine - pungent Montenegro "Vranac" and "Krstac", "Chardonnay" and "Sauvignon". The most high-quality strong drink - "Kroon" (grape brandy). Also, Montenegro is famous for its cured meats - "ham."
Contact: Phone cards can be purchased at all post offices, points of sale and kiosk operators.
Transport: The international airports are located in the city of Tivat and Podgorica. In Montenegro, the development of rail links, the Adriatic highway connects all the towns on the coast. Sea port - in Bar, there are daily ferry connection to Bari Italy.

Hotels in Montenegro are classified into categories: the villa, and Uncategorised Hotels 3 * 4 * 5 *.
Nature: the highest mountain peak - Bobotov Kuk (2522 m). The largest lake - Lake Skadar (391 sq. km.).
National Parks: Durmitor (39,000 ha), Lovcen (6400 ha), Biogradska Mountain (5400 m), Skadar Lake (40,000 ha).
Beaches: the longest beach - "Velikaplazha" in Ulcinj, 13 km. Sandy beaches: Ultsinska Riviera, Jaz, shingle beaches: Budva Riviera, the beaches with pebbles: Zhanits, Gertsegnovskoy Njivice on the Riviera, Bar, Sutomore.
Resorts: The most famous resorts of the Montenegrin coast - is Herceg Novi, Tivat, Kotor and Perast, Becici, Sveti Stefan, Petrovac-on-Sea, Sutomore, Bar, Ulcinj is the southernmost resort, and of course, Budva - Queen of the Montenegrin coast.

In whatever you may have arrived in the country, no matter what "door" or included, whatever the place of residence have chosen, if a modest family-run hotel or a luxury villa - Montenegro will meet you at the magnificent nature and the warmth of hospitable people.

Vacations in Montenegro is very diverse. During the day you can swim in the warm Adriatic Sea, or visit one of the natural and historical heritages of the country: Boca Kotorska bay, Cetinje, Jail, or the majestic mountains of Durmitor, Bjelasica, Lovcen, Orien, Rumija, Komova.
Takes special pleasure rafting on the "Tear of Europe", the river Tara, which will reveal to you the fabulous beauty of the northern part of Montenegro.