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Choose country for vacation? Do you want to visit Bulgaria? No doubt, the country has to relax. Bulgaria - it is endless, sandy beaches, green mountains of the mysterious, rose plantations, vineyards, ancient architecture, mineral springs. Besides, this country is very hospitable. Here are just a few reasons why should be sure to visit this amazing country.
It's paradise, where every tourist finds himself something special. Little Bulgaria more than 13 centuries connects East and West, situated in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. Seven civilizations inhabited this place, and they all left their mark on the culture and traditions of the modern Bulgarians. Discover our Bulgaria!

Two. "Price - quality" provided by the aged in the highest degree correct. Large selection of resorts to suit different tastes and accommodation options from private cottages to luxury hotels makes Bulgaria an accessible and attractive to all categories of tourists.

Three. A short-lived and low-cost flights. The flight lasts only 2.5 hours. Regular flights of Aeroflot and BulgariaAir companies are only in Sofia, so for the convenience of tourists closer to the summer resorts organized charters to Varna and Burgas.

4. Simplified and expedited processing of visas. The package of documents for obtaining a visa to Bulgaria is very small (passport, application form and photographs). In addition, "Solvex-Travel" - one of the few travel companies that have a "green light" to the Visa Application Centre in Bulgaria.

Five. The climate is temperate continental, mild and goes south to the Mediterranean. The swimming season is quite long and lasts from May to October. No sweltering heat - the sea is always a light sea breeze, and temperatures rarely exceed 30 degrees, but the water is heated to 26 degrees.

6. A varied holiday - it is very important, because everyone will be able to relax because, like going to - lie on the beach, to travel the country and improve their health.
Beach vacation. Sandy beaches are very clean and wide. The seabed is flat, and its depth increases uniformly and gradually, which is very convenient for bathing small children. 11 Bulgarian beaches have received the international ecological "quality mark" - "Blue Flag". All beaches in Bulgaria are free. You pay only for the lounger and umbrella if you plan to use them.
Treatment. Pleasant and at the same time very practical if you can combine rest with treatment. Bulgaria, like no other country offers such an opportunity. Today there are over 250 hydrothermal deposits and more than 900 springs and artesian wells. Physico-chemical composition of water varies in some areas, so depending on the disease, you can choose the most suitable for you spa. Currently in Bulgaria there are officially 102 spas that have modern medical equipment and treatment is carried out under the supervision of qualified doctors. Comfortable and cozy hotels on balneokurortah make your holiday complete and useful.
Excursion. No matter how attracted you to the beaches, with Bulgaria should become better acquainted. Visit the Botanical Gardens of Balchik and the famous Cape Kaliakra, the capital of humor Gabrovo, Rose Valley, from which now rose oil are delivered throughout the world, Aladja rock monastery, a phenomenon of nature "drive a stone," a farm for the breeding of mussels. Children will be interested in the Varna Dolphinarium and the water parks (the largest - at the Golden Sands). While vacationing in the mountains of Bulgaria, to go on trips to Sofia, Plovdiv, Melnik, take a look at one of the most picturesque mountain villages.
Pilgrimage. Pilgrimage tours to Bulgaria in recent years is very common. If you look in old monasteries and churches, you will penetrate into the secrets of murals and icons. The most revered shrines Bulgarian - Rila and the Troyan Monastery. Religious people are going in Sofia, to touch the wooden pieces of the cross on which Christ was crucified. Like the Golden Ring of Russia, in Bulgaria there is a "Ogrlitsa in Veliko Turnovo" (ogrlitsa - chain necklace). Near the old capital of Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo remained 19 holy monasteries, built around the city. Many of the monasteries have had their minihotel where tourists interested in antiquities, or looking for healing, can spend the night or stay for a long time. Prices are low enough.

7. The virtual absence of language barrier on the resort removes the discomfort that always arises in a foreign country. Despite the fact that the official language - Bulgarian (based on letters - Cyrillic), all the resorts on the staff speaks Russian, English, German and French. Friendliness, warmth and hospitality of local people and staff will leave a good impression of being in Bulgaria.