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"The UAE - the coolest resort of today" - once said a well-known officials, taking part in the survey population of the most popular places for recreation. Cool, then cool. Especially now. And what started the story of this "tough state"?

Hardly ever, he thought that the UAE have been huge and extremely fast way of development, to pamper tourists from all over the World. You just need to applaud such a competent policy, which was elected for his country the Arab government. Whoever tried to form, as they say, "something like" system UAE - did not succeed. Or conceive on the origins, either wait for unres

At the root of the existence of the UAE as a full-fledged state everything was much more faded than it is today. I can not say that poverty is prevalent - international relations with other countries have developed rapidly on the part of trade. UAE, in fact, never a nothing denied, looking at the overall national statistics on the country. A sharp rise occurred at the time of the sudden discovery of oil deposits. That's when it was chosen, designed to attract attention to themselves, and politics. Even today, investment, foreign capital inflows and foreign nationals into the territory of the UAE is great - the local population is less than that of immigrants, of which every year adds to the "weight". Politics, society, education - all this is highly dependent on world resources. In particular, labor. For example, employees are hired to work in other countries, teaching and student learning - too. And just a business suit is a business which is considered the most profitable of all. Well, first of all, free economic zones, which allow to exclude some of the costs of taxes, that amount goes well. Secondly, all close at hand: the most famous and influential fly it in the UAE, where the majority of business meetings or negotiations.

The year 1920 was a turning point. First, there was an explosion of discontent against the British "lords." The so-called struggle for independence was developed particularly in Sharjah and Ras al-Khaimah. At the same time, and were discovered gold deposits of oil.

However, to dispose of the oil Arabs still could not - they were under the influence and strict control of Britain. Britain, in his time, realized that the "selected", though under its authority, but foreign oil threatens the world's unrest. Oil was a very important phenomenon in what was then the world: to find a new field was considered a sign from above, but if anyone finds out about it, war is inevitable. Therefore, for Britain the best way to keep the secret was to make sacrifices - to withdraw the army from the territory of armed "Oman's agreement."

In 1968, Britain announced its decision. A December 2, 1971 six of the seven emirates of Trucial Oman announced the creation of the federation of United Arab Emirates. The emirate of Ras al-Khaimah joined later in 1972.

Actually, from this year and has already started a full and free development of the UAE. History has shown that the state is incredibly hardy and highly committed traditions. Even then, Arab oil supplies in different countries of the world unfolded in full swing. Incoming investments and investments began to gain momentum.
Today you see the result: "The UAE - the coolest resort of today."