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The most popular resorts of Cyprus Limassol and Ayia Napa are located on the southern coast of Cyprus. The northern part of the island is a territory of Turkey.

Cyprus - one of the most beautiful islands in the world, ancient and mysterious land, home to many legends and stories. The favorable climate, more than 300 days of sunshine a year, an abundance of historical sites, warm sea, sandy beaches, hotels with a high level of service, an incredible amount of sweet-smelling flowers - orchids alone there are over 38 species - have made this island one of the largest resort areas.

The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia. In the center of Nicosia, the main monuments are concentrated. This is a kind of "city within a city" surrounded by walls with bastions and massive Venetian walls of the gate (1567-1570 gg.). Of the attractions are: the famous Famagusta Gate, Nicosia's oldest church - Hrisaliniotissa (1450) with a collection of Byzantine icons, the Leventis Museum of History, Archbishop's Palace (1960), where the residence of senior cleric of Cyprus. And the best place for a stroll in Nicosia - City Park.

In addition to the resort's tour holiday in Cyprus, many places allow you to enjoy water sports: diving, surfing. Throughout the island you can do mountain biking or hiking. Even skiers will not go away - in the north-eastern part of Mount Olympus is quite a decent ski resort.

So, welcome to Cyprus - this is different and therefore attractive.

Most youth resort in Cyprus - Ayia Napa. It is always fun, does not cease night music in many bars and discos. Ayia Napa is often called the second Ibiza. And yet the beautiful beaches of golden sand and calm sea with a gentle entry into the water and attract families with children, because if you do not live in the center of the resort, noise and music can be heard. The beaches of Ayia Napa on the island's best. Nissi Beach okupiruet youth club, beaches and Makronissos Landas rest of the family with children. A lot of opportunities here for water sports. Fans of windsurfing and water skiing will not be bored here, and diving is ideal for beginners. In the winter in Ayia Napa attracts retirees from Europe.

For many tourists acquainted with Cyprus starts from Larnaca. This is the third largest city of Cyprus, which is an international airport. For centuries, Larnaca retains its cosmopolitan image. Beaches in Larnaca is mainly shingle, but there are sandy. McKenzie Beach is known for its white sand and little depth. Here love to relax with the children's parents.

The largest resort in Cyprus - Limassol. A series of hotels along the beach stretches for miles. The beaches are mostly sand and shingle. It is quieter than Ayia Napa, but there are plenty of entertainment. This resort is perfectly suited to any category of tourists. Here love to visit with children and parents, and youth, and respectable married couples.

The most expensive and posh resort in Cyprus is a small historic town on the west coast of Cyprus - Paphos. A beautiful bay, sandy beaches of the picturesque cliffs, high-end hotels are attracting respectable wealthy people. Holidays are quiet, contemplative. Families with children, probably nothing to do here, many hotels do not offer accommodation to children. For youth is expensive and boring. But tourists are heavy laden purse feel is elected.