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 Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), an island nation in South Asia, south of the Indian Peninsula.
Geographic location, nature

 Sri Lanka - an island in the Indian Ocean, situated south of the Indian subcontinent. The total area of ??65,610 square meters. miles., length from north to south, 445 km from west to vostok225 km. In the center of the island is the Central mountain range. The average height of the mountains - 1000-2000 m above sea level, but some peaks rise above. The highest point of the island - the mountain has a height Pidurutalagala 2524 m, however, is best known for the magnificent Adam's Peak - 2243 m

National Parks and Vilpatu Inginyagala, as well as a huge zoo on the outskirts of Colombo Dehivala are very popular among tourists. In Dehivala you see this unusual sight, as the dance of the elephants. Yala National Park is a beautiful nature reserve, which retain all the conditions of nature. Driving on special roads through the wilderness. You will see the beauty of the landscapes of Sri Lanka. You will meet a leisurely herds of elephants, leopards, graceful and slender deer. In addition, there lived a monkey, buffalo, anteaters, and many birds. From a closed car or house you can watch scenes from the unique wildlife.

Flora. Approximately 29% of the land treated. About 22% of the area covered by forests. Because of high humidity and lush vegetation is rich, with a huge variety of trees (from the exotic palm trees and black oak tree to Ceylon and acacia), vines, shrubs and flowers, including orchids and rhododendrons.

Fauna. Wildlife kept at 10% of the island. On the island is home to various species of animals, including elephants, leopards, deer, monkeys, sloths, wild boars, cobras, crocodiles and turtles. The island - a refuge for many migratory birds. Pink flamingos fly to Ceylon, to escape the northern winter in the warm lagoons and wet lands. The best time for bird watching - from January to April.

Nature reserves and national parks. Perhaps the most famous of the four national parks in Sri Lanka is the Ruhuna National Park, located on the south in the province of Yala. Three other national parks Villatu, Udavalave and Bundala is also very popular.

Visitor's amazing the wealth of tropical flora and fauna, which managed to keep on this small island. Since ancient times, Sri Lanka exported to the royal palaces of the West and East, the magnificent peacocks and elephants. Nevertheless, the country is proud of the fact that visitors can interact with these and many other representatives of the rainforest, visiting national parks.
The capital, largest city

 The capital of Colombo - the population of 1.2 million. Kandy, about 104 thousand inhabitants, the former capital of the last Sinhalese state. Halle (84 thousand inhabitants) - the administrative center of the Southern Province and a small port.
Weather and Climate

 Tropical: warm (average temperatures 28-30 C) and humid. Humidity - 75%. Seasonal weather changes associated with the monsoon, not cutting. Rains mostly at night (the most rainy months - June and September). The water temperature of about 26C.
 In Sri Lanka in the 1996 population of 18.3 million.

 Sinhala, Tamil and English.

 The main religions - Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. There is no strict dress code, however, is not recommended to visit churches in shorts, a dress with open back and shoulders, as well as at the entrance to the temple must remove their shoes.
Holidays and weekends

 Perhaps there is no other country in the world where there were so many holidays, but in Sri Lanka. In addition to all Sundays are marked all the important Christian, Muslim and nduistskie holidays. There are also Buddhist and all national holidays. Every full moon day, called Polya, is a Buddhist holiday. In the full moon day of all places of entertainment, including
and bars are closed. A total of 72 Sri Lanka holiday of the year.

 The whole world knows the traditional Sri Lankan spices, aromatic tea of ??various kinds, exotic fruits, gems, batik, and of course, the warmth of friendly owners of the island. You can sample the wonderful traditional dishes, including delicious "curry" - a specially prepared meats or vegetables with spices and rice.

 Highways in Sri Lanka, with good coverage, but the narrow, heavily loaded, right-hand movement.

Car Rental. For personal trips you can rent a car, about the whereabouts of the nearest car rental agency you can find at the hotel. However, for your safety, we recommend using the services of a chauffeur or a taxi. Approximate cost for 1 km - 20 cents.

 In the summer time, ahead of Moscow at 2 o'clock, and in winter - at 3:00.

 The official currency in circulation in Sri Lanka is the rupee. The exchange rate of about 62 rupees for 1 USD. It is recommended to exchange money at the airport in Colombo (Best Deal). You can also exchange money at any hotel. Check received at the official exchange crash, should be retained until the end of the trip. In this case, the departure from Colombo you will be able prokonvertirovat unspent money in the bank at the rate of purchase of the airport.
Customs control

 To be removed from the banned countries
Antiques, precious rough stones.
Consulates and Embassies

 Phone the Russian Embassy in Sri Lanka (Colombo): 573 555 574 959
Additional information

 International phone. Call for international calls from your hotel can be, but the call will be much cheaper if you use the services of postal agencies or international telephone machines. Cards can be purchased at post offices, some shops and petrol stations.

Shopping. Sri Lanka is known worldwide for its precious stones: sapphires, rubies, topaz, etc., Acquiring Jewelry advise in specialized stores, requiring an appropriate receipt or certificate. Also known around the world Ceylon tea, spices, crafts: masks, batik, leather goods. In cities, you can also buy inexpensive textiles.

Prices. Markets, private shops, etc. You can haggle about the price. You can reduce the price by 30% relative to the start. However, it is inadmissible in state stores, supermarkets, shopping malls and stores, "Duty free" at the airport.

Electricity. Mains voltage 210-240 volts. Sockets are usually triple.