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Hawaii - the island is 24, nestled in the Pacific Ocean between 20 degrees north latitude and the North and the Tropic of longitude 160 degrees east for quite a distance from the United States. They represent the top of the underwater oceanic ridge. So there are many active volcanoes. The largest islands - Hawaii, Kahulavi, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Big Island. The most active volcano Kilaui is on the Big Island.

The Hawaiian Islands are located in a very comfortable climate-Pacific region. The climate is tropical maritime. There are two seasons: summer - between May and October, the winter - from October to April. Spring and autumn are conditional. Coolest months - January and February. The average minimum temperature at this time drops to 18 degrees, the maximum reaches 27 degrees. The hottest time of year - August. The average minimum temperature at this time is about 21 degrees, the maximum reaches 32 + degrees.

From October to April, the influence of large tropical cyclone, when the greatest amount of precipitation falls (from 80 to 100 mm, a. Hawaii - up to 370 mm).

The rest of the reign sunny and dry days. The driest month is June, it monthly precipitation total of about 10 mm, but on the southern island - Hawaii this month may fall to 160 mm.

Here you can swim all year round. Year-round water temperature is kept at 23 .. 28 degrees.

Best time to visit:
In Hawaii, most comfortable from May to October, when the lowest probability of rainfall.

Beach vacation.

In the numerous beaches of Hawaii, you can safely lie on the beach, sunbathe and swim. You can swim in the ocean. This is either a civilized beach, where there is everything you need - from cream to protect from the sun, to a disposable camera for underwater shooting, or uncivilized, where the raging waves, and beach accessories is necessary to take care themselves.

Best beach of Hawaii is Hanauma Bay Beach on Oahu, also very popular on the island beaches Lanikai Beach, Kailua Beach Park, on Maui - it's Kapalua Bay Beach, Kaanapali Beach, the island of Kauai - Poipu Beach, on the Big Island - Hapuna and Mauna Kea Beach. You can swim in the pools and numerous hotels. There are swimming pools with sea water, is fresh.

The symbol of the Hawaiian Islands may be surfing.

The most popular places on the island of Maui - Hookipa Beach Park for professionals, Kihei beaches are suitable for beginners, Kanaha Beach is available for all levels of riding, on the island of Oahu - Waikiki beach for both beginners and professionals alike.


The underwater world of the local coastal waters varied and colorful. The most popular place for diving - Molokini crater flooded on the island of Maui. It is perfect for group dives. For fans of sunken ships will be interesting to the island of Oahu. The main dive center here is the city of Honolulu. On the Big Island can be distinguished place Kona Coast on the west coast. Here you can immerse yourself in the "Cave of the eel," "Turtle hole" and make a "night meeting with the mantle." Manta - a large slope, but near the island, they are safe. More experienced divers who prefer to sink into the sparsely populated areas will appreciate the underwater world of the southern coast of the island of Kauai. The most interesting places such as the "Cave of the Sheraton," wreck "Lyukenbah", lava caves, where there are sharks.

Guided tours (in detail).

The Hawaiian Islands comprise 24 islands and each one is unique, each has something to look at. It is the birthplace of the Polynesian people, where you can learn about their culture. Nature has endowed this region interesting landscapes, animals and plants.

The nature of the Hawaiian Islands is very diverse, if not unique, so tourists are happy to walk on wet tropical forests.
Above all, the Hawaiian Islands can be actively involved in cycling over rough terrain, or retire on a fishing trip.
For a trip to Hawaii, you must have a passport and visa.
To obtain a visa to the U.S. Embassy must submit:
- Passport valid for 6 months after the end of the trip;
- 2 3x4 photos (for each participant trip, including children, parents entered in the passport);

- A completed application form for each traveler individually, including children;

- Certificate of employment (on company letterhead) stating the place of work, position, time (not less than one year) and monthly income - the signature of the head, chief accountant and a round stamp;

- A letter of guarantee to pay the company if they pay for a trip to his staff, including the purchase of air tickets;

- Documents (copies) confirming all additional sources of income and the availability of funds: foreign currency and ruble accounts, credit cards, packages of shares, the founding documents of enterprises, firms, if the client is the owner of the company;

-Civil passport (marriage certificate, birth certificate of children).

At the entrance to the islands can not be imported foods allowed to carry household items, cigarettes - 200 pcs. Or cigars - 50., Or tobacco - 1.5 kg, 1 liter of alcoholic beverages. If you take a trip more than 10 000 USD, is required to complete a declaration.

The island of Oahu. .

On this island is the capital of Hawaii - Honolulu. The study of the island should begin with a tour of the city. You will see the Iolani Palace - the only royal palace in the United States, a monument to King Kamehameha and Queen Liliokalani, Senate, Governor's residence, China Town. It is impossible not to visit the legendary Memorial Pearl Harbor. This is a naval base, where U.S. World War II started. The factory jewelry can watch a movie about the production of coral - the national stone of Hawaii and see how to create jewelry from coral, pearls and other precious stones. Shop at the factory offers a wide selection of unique jewelry of the highest quality with a lifetime warranty.


Hawaiian Islands - a chain of extinct and active volcanoes, in the length of three thousand miles.

The most active volcanoes on the island are the Hawaii - Manua Loa and Kilauea. Manua Loa - also the highest active volcano in the world (4169 m). In Hawaii, all adapted for the excursions to the volcanoes. Is operating near the viewing platform and the Observatory, are extinct in many of the road, and they are cut hiking trails. On the island of Hawaii is the "Hawaii Volcanoes National Park", which occupies about 93 hectares. Here you will view the volcano Kilauea and Halemaumau Crater, you will see how the boiling lava flows directly into the ocean, visit the Museum of Volcanology.

Polynesian Cultural Center.

The park is located north of the island of Oahu. Here you can see the rich culture of the peoples of Polynesia. Seven villages - Tonga, Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii, New Zealand, Samoa and Markezskie island. Unique performance - national costumes, musical instruments, hot dances. Hospitable and friendly Polynesians discover the secrets of its ancient civilization - how to light a fire without matches, to open a coconut with one blow, climb the palm tree and hula dance.

Dolin Island of Maui.

This trip is one of the highest peaks of the archipelago - the volcano Haleakala. You can visit the magnificent colors proteyi plantations and picturesque mountain valleys, swim at the beach of Kaanapali.

The island of Kauai.

The most visited places on the island - Russian Fort Elizabeth, Waimea Canyon, which is considered a small copy of the Grand Canyon, an observation deck overlooking the Na Pali Coast and Kalalau Valley on, as well as one of the most beautiful mountains - Vamaleale (this is the place where the greatest falls in world of rainfall). It is worth to go near the ocean geyser Spouting Horn, a walk through the jungle to the famous temple of Hawaiian Hula Temple.
First Hawaiian islands appeared on the world map, called the Sandwich Islands in the late 18th century. They opened the great navigator James Cook. The Americans settled here since the early 19th century, and by 1850 established a sugar cane. At the same time the capital of the Hawaiian Islands became the city of Honolulu. In the years 1870-1880 the situation is often exacerbated and increasingly heard request for annexation of the islands. In early 1890, revolution broke out in Hawaii, and after the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani was formed a provisional government, which in February 1893 offered to sign a treaty of annexation. However, the Senate and President Cleveland rejected the proposal. In 1894, Hawaii was proclaimed a republic, recognized by the United States. In 1897 an agreement to annex once again under consideration by the Senate and was again rejected. However, in the midst of the Spanish-American War, Congress passed a joint resolution of both houses of the annexation of the islands, and in 1959 received the status of Hawaii, the 50th U.S. state.

Tel: (095) 728-5000,

fax: 728-5090

Round the clock: 728-5025

Hawaii, USA, the Russian Embassy in the country:
Since Hawaii is the 50th state of America, the Embassy is in Washington at 2641 Tunlaw Road, NWWashington, DC 20,007

Guaranteed by the constitution freedom of religion and separation of church and state ensured the spread of the islands of many religions. Missionaries are widely spread Catholicism, but along with it there are Islam, Hinduism, Confucianism.

The most common way to travel to Hawaii - the car. Highways can reach any settlement of the island. All the roads are in good condition. In order to rent a car, you must have your driver's license and be over 21 years (in some rental companies - 25 years). Typically, payment of rent by credit card, but if you book a car on the acquisition of the tour, then, if you receive it, you can pay in cash, leaving a returnable deposit of about $ 200 per week, and presenting an international flight. Together with the machine receives a detailed map of tourist roads. On the roads is prohibited to exceed the speed needed to pass a pedestrian has entered the controlled transition can not be kept in the car with open bottles of alcohol. Failure to comply with one of the rules can cost a driver's license.

Taxis are usually ordered by phone or take a hotel, it can be stopped and the hand, but, preferring this mode of transport, must be borne in mind that it is quite expensive.

Move from one island to another is best at small commuter aircraft. The flight will take about 20 minutes.

Flora of the Hawaiian Islands is represented by lush tropical vegetation, exotic flowers. Hawaii - is home to orchids. There are no beasts of prey, snakes and crocodiles, is very diverse world of birds. In the coastal waters are home to over 600 species of tropical fish.

Of the minerals mined basalt wool, which is used as insulating material.

Banks are open from 9:00 until 15:00, when there are many ATMs around the clock.
The official currency is the U.S. dollar. It is equal to 100 cents. In circulation are banknotes in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollars and coins: a penny (1 cent), nickel (5 cents), dime (10 cents), kvorter (25 cents), half-dollar ( 50 cents) and one dollar. The most convenient way to pay with credit cards (VISA, Master Card, American Express, etc.), they are accepted in hotels, restaurants, stores and everywhere, without any restrictions. Do not take Eurocheques, they are not valid.

Currency: U.S. Dollar (USD)

Hawaii - the fiftieth state of the U.S. republic. In accordance with the Constitution, legislative power is bicameral Congress performs. Executive power in the U.S., including Hawaii, is the president. He has the ability to quickly make important decisions.

The population of Hawaii is 1.1 million. Hawaiians make up about 2% of the population. Hawaiians, like many residents of the islands have never been inclined to hard work. Therefore, in the 19th century, when the islands were to cultivate sugar cane, the government was forced to import Japanese and Chinese laborers to work on plantations. So now the Japanese and Chinese, as well as visitors from the mainland United States, constitute the bulk of the population of the islands.

Official language - English. It primarily communicate with each other residents of Hawaii. And the language of the indigenous population - Hawaii - there is, in general, for the exotic. His love is taught in colleges, tell him about the tour, but at home using only a few words, and it is very rare.


All were on the islands paid tribute to Hawaiian cuisine. Hawaiian cuisine is famous for its seafood dishes. "Lomilomi" of minced raw salmon, "laulau" - fish or pork for a couple, "opakapaka" of pink snapper - all integral parts of the local menu. Enthusiasts will appreciate the hot Hawaiian red onion. You can try the baked according to local custom in an earthen pit pig. The process of eating a pig is usually at sunset and is accompanied by some show - the national dance of "blasphemy" or popular in Polynesia tricks with fire. Collectively called "Luau." Not least is occupied by tropical fruits. It will be offered as a "banal" bananas, oranges, and cannons with a floral flavor and a little melon-like "passion fruit" - "Passion fruit". Very good local cocktails "may-tie", "Lover" s flower ". They exist in the form of alcohol, as well as in non-alcoholic version.